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Amnesty International Website- Blocked In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia seems to have blocked the website of Amnesty International, a human rights organization. The move followed the publishing of an analysis by Amnesty International. The analysis stated that a planned anti-terrorist law in Saudi could be used against nonviolent protests.

Amnesty said in a report on Monday that the Saudi authorities have blocked their core international site, however they haven’t blocked any Amnesty UK site, which reasons in favor of the proposed (Link) anti-terrorism law.

The current situation spotlights the improved regulation of online activities and websites in the Saudi. Authorities regularly block websites that are believed to be dangerous for governing authorities or go against Islamic ethics. However, this is one of the infrequent circumstances when the authorities have aimed at a high-profile body.

Online suppression is everywhere in Saudi Arabia. A new rule commenced at the start of the year, that promotes the online restrictions even more. Saudi, like Iran, China and Cuba is ranked as the top ten enemies of the Internet.

In response to the Amnesty International’s statements, the Saudi embassy in London said that the Amnesty’s criticism over the law is groundless and that they have no basis to claim any such thing. The statement further included that the Amnesty criticized the law without contacting the embassy for clarity. We would appreciate your comments at facebook.com/techmento or send us a tweet @techmento and let us know what you think!

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