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The Comic Industry Is Working On An iComic Store

To most of us using the latest technology and gadgets, it is useful and convenient. But hasn’t the fog of technology and gadgets taken over the old charms of reading books in bed or having to wait for a comic to arrive mid-week?

They have taken away the joy we used to have on Wednesdays when a new version of the Batman or the X-Men comic was released.

People anxiously awaited for the new release and rushed to the comic stores to get their favorite reading. Technology has taken a huge leap with the release of tablets. Even the hardcore comic fans are taking cheap exits by getting their favorite material through piracy and other type of downloads. This is kind of setback for the traditional Comic business.

Hence the comic distributors are working ways to market comics on tablets not just because it is convenient for readers to go through the stuff on their personal devices but also because the comics look gorgeous on a tablet. Their traditional ways are dying and a store like iComic is desperately needed by the comic industry.

Photo Courtesy of daniel
Photo Courtesy of benter