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Google Responds To Account Deletion Controversy

Google’s newest social networking project has recently been hit by a controversy which refers to the deletion of user and organization accounts from Google+.

Google’s senior vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra said that there had been some mistakes while doing the first pass and that they are learning. He also said that the Google+ team is changing the way of communicating with people which means that Google will now issue warnings to people prior to deletion of their account.

To stop spam and fake profiles Google expects folks to create profiles by their actual names otherwise they might be a victim of the same fate. This means people who use certain characters in their profile name might get flagged by Google ultimately leading to the suspension of their account.

Bradley Horowitz, Google’s VP of products explained company’s approach to accounts unveiling the secret that a Google+ account suspension leads to blocking the user’s whole Google account. He also mentioned that Google will improve the sign up process so that fake profiles can be avoided and users don’t have to face any trouble. Google+ is still in its early phases and it needs a lot of perfection to beat the other social networking giants in the market.

Probably that’s why Google is taking so much interest in every minor problem which might arise. So i would suggest that Google+ users that if you are a fan of Illuminati or Digital fortress, just keep it to yourself and don’t try to encode your profile name :D. Otherwise Google will take care of it.

Photo Courtesy of junyu
Photo Courtesy of surreal