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Intel 2012-2018 Server CPU Roadmap Leaked!

Since 2007, Intel has been depending on the tick-tock model for developing microprocessors. The company announced that even in the future, it will still be using this strategy for Ivy Bridge’s inheritors: Haswell, Rockwell, Skylake and Skywell.

The plan was exposed by a leaked roadmap related to Intel’s upcoming server micro-architectures. The translated version of the leaked roadmap can be seen at ComputerBase. The agenda for release is also mentioned in the leaked document. According to the roadmap, the company’s plan begins with the launching of the first Xeon Sandy Bridge-E processors in fall of this year.

The processors are based on 32nm manufacturing process. They will probably be substituted by a particular series of Ivy Bridge CPUs that will take the architecture into the 22nm region by the start of 2013.

In Q1 of 2014, according to Intel’s roadmap, the Sandy Bridge-E will be replaced by the maturely fabricated Haswell-based CPUs. Many new features are expected from the Haswell to bring to the server space, since Haswell is based on lately developed micro-architecture. It will also include the support for the AVX2 instruction set. What more interesting is, they will get a configurable TDP.

One and a half years after the release of Haswell, the similar micro-architecture will be used to build up a 14nm heir of the Haswell, which will be known as Rockwell.

There will still be 5 years before the Skylake is unleashed. The chip is still under grave development and is currently going through its first silicon simulations.

Finally, all the features of the Skylake will be inherited to Skymont, Intel’s 2017 die shrink that will honored as the world’s first 10nm fabrication based processor.

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