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Microsoft Unveils Media Remote And Bluetooth Headset For Xbox 360

With the news about Microsoft planning on releasing Xbox 720 and integrating Windows 8 with the ability to play Xbox 360 games, some might think that Xbox 360 is now an old story.

If you think you have enjoyed Xbox 360’s experience to its fullest, you are wrong. Microsoft has another card up its sleeve. Microsoft has just unveiled two new accessories for Xbox 360, the Media Remote and Bluetooth Wireless headset. The remote control is a good replacement for your controller for navigating your Xbox 360 dashboard, playing your DVDs and CDs and for using media apps such as Sky Player. So when you are done gaming, just sit back, hold the remote in your hand and enjoy watching movies or listening music.

The Bluetooth headset, which comes in a number of different sized ear bud sizes, allow you to to connect it to your tablet or mobile phone for making calls while you enjoy gaming. The Bluetooth device employs state of the art Bluetooth 3 technology and features noise supression. a single charge gets you up to 8 hours of talk time. It also features a decent LED which turns green or blue depending on the mode you are using the headset on, green light being for Xbox 360 and blue for simple bluetooth connection with any other device.

These two absolutely cool devices will greatly enhance your gaming experience making it more fun. Both of the accessories will be available in November. The remote will cost £14.99 and the headset £39.99. So if you are a Xbox 360 lover, these devices are a must for you. Check out how the upgrade differs from the original DVD remote controller.

Photo Courtesy of major
Photo Courtesy of major