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Jumio Introduces Netswipe For Online And Mobile Payments

Jumio has introduced a new technology known as Netswipe. The idea behind this technology is that people can shop online and process their transaction by swiping their cards using their webcam.

This technology enables e-commerce website owners, retailers and customers to process online transactions and payments by using their webcam to read the details of the card and make the transaction. You don’t need to purchase or install an additional hardware for this process.

The Advisory Board assembled at the start up includes many executives including the former exec of Google, Amazon and current CEO of CSI communication Systems. All the execs have invested an amount of $6.5 million into the start up.

As many people would feel unsecured by showing their cards on the webcam, rest assured that this technology does not photograph your card at all. It uses video streaming to verify all the data and no details are stored anywhere. So, people can use it without any fear.

The main benefit of this amazing product is to decrease the effort and time taken by manually entering card details. Now the only effort needed is to hold your card in front of your webcam and let the Netswipe take care of the rest.

Photo Courtesy of hugger
Photo Courtesy of xixi