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Host Your Next LAN Party In This Truck

Can’t arrange a party with enough entertainment to impress the girls? Extreme Game Parties has come up with just a solution that will take away the load of party arrangement off your shoulders, and will earn you the reputation you want amongst your people. The best part, they come to the place you need them to come. No questions asked.

Extreme Game has brought the ultimate gaming and party experience to your door step by introducing the Video Gaming Media Truck. The monster is hooked up with a multiplayer network that will allow you to play your favorite titles with your buddies and will give you a path to show them what you got inside your truck.

The mobile gaming and media truck is also bundled with comfortable seating, LED lighting, for that party environment, and multiple TV screens as well as a sound system to keep things going. One cannot ask for anything more from a truck, parked right next to their door.

The Ultimate gaming and partying experience is a call away and you can sign up for your next gaming experience today! See the video to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of ninja
Photo Courtesy of popculture