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Scientists Plan To Make Animal-Human Hybrid

In order to understand the biology of human life in more depth, scientists of Britain are working on mixing genes of humans with animals. The British academy of medical sciences released a report where they suggested that a nation must remain ready for a future where genes of humans and animals will be blend together.

After polling from citizens, most people are worried about transforming the animal brain to work more like a human, changing the appearance of animals i.e. some part of animal looking like any body part of human and creating embryos of human inside animals or vice versa.

The report also suggested about the government and citizens to make any regulations, policies and laws for preventing creating monsters. Well in order to understand the human biology that’s not a good idea to mix the genes , they must think of some other process.

This kind of technology will cause lot of problems in near future. something very new can be expected from that. They must think of mixing the genes of animals only with animals. There must be a clear boundary and some sort of law not to allow such a stupid process. There are several other pieces of research already going on where they are mixing DNA of humans with animals. We need to call a ban on this. What do you guys think? Send us a tweet @techmento and let us know.

Photo Courtesy of lePhotography
Photo Courtesy of kate e. did

  • Nadeem Khan

    Aunkh jo kuch dekhti he lub pe ausakta nahi. Mehve hairat hoon ke dunya kia se kia hojayehi.