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Reality Car Windows Unveiled By Toyota!

Toyota is announcing new technology in their vehicles. The Japanese car manufacturing company unveiled a new window in a new manufactured vehicle where children can write on windows or make a sketch of outside objects.

The drawing will stick to the window till the outside object passes away or until the passenger itself removes it. That is something really cool for a long drive or even for small drives where any one can enjoy travel. For bored adults it’s really fascinating, and hopefully this new tech will be enough to keep consumers from worrying about a third recall.

The installment in new vehicles can also be used for viewing outside objects more clearly by zooming in or zooming out. Now, any one can catch the far scenery from his or her car by zooming in. This new idea will surely be adopted by other car manufacture industries soon. And the future vehicles will have this kind of technology installed in windows.

More over it’s not just about vehicles but there is possibility of experiencing such technology in offices, homes, airports hotels and other places where anybody can play with window, draw objects if you have time, or zoom in on what is happening outdoors.

This technology can become more interesting if they connect it somehow to social websites and Google maps. It would be cool to know about all places that you see from your car window. See the video to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of Sherlock77 (James)
Photo Courtesy of MattHurst