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Samsung Cave Changes The Way You Text

Since the birth of mobiles, there has been a regular step up in the way they look and work. The long run has many contenders running hard to get a piece of the pie and this has led to the enrichment in our products and services.

The displays have been enlarged, the operating systems improved, enhanced storage, better connectivity to social networking sites and highly sophisticated cameras. However, there is still enough work to do on text messaging and it seems like the Korean tech giant Samsung has a solution for it.

Samsung is planning to take the lead by offering the Cave concept in its new mobile phones. The design would mainly help those who are mobile phone chat addicts. With its 30 degree inclined keypad, the shape is enhanced to offer a better grip and an improved typing experience. The only negative aspect of the design is the thickness of the handset.

Multi-tasking is expected from the phone i.e. playing games, messaging and listening to music as well as posting lines to Facebook are, and will be, done at the same time. The multi-tasking tab on top of the screen enables the user to view the running apps without opening a separate window. The model is also expected to run on Android.

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Photo Courtesy of b3rn
Photo Courtesy of Walyou.com