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Samsung’s Latest Firmware Leaked

Samsung was working on two new Firmwares for their two Galaxy S smartphones: Epic 4G and Galaxy S 4G. But to Samsung’s disappointment, the new Firmwares were leaked even before Samsung announced them. A tech website SamFirmware has been able to get hands on the new firmware updates.

The Epic 4G is currently bonded with Sprint’s 4G network and the Galaxy S 4G with T-Mobile. These firmware updates bring some serious improvements in the overall user experience. The update for the Epic 4G is named EG22 while the update for Galaxy S 4G is codenamed KG4. The current version of Android running on the machines is 2.3.4, Gingerbread.

Both the Firmwares improve the performance of the phones by tweaking the processor and other hardware while at the same time, increase the phone’s stability by speeding up the Galaxy S phone. However, it looks like Samsung didn’t consider GPS navigation worth the upgrade and hence it’s not very stable. Users have reported that they were able to connect to only two satellites even under absolutely clear sky conditions.

Also, users will be disappointed to see that Gmail’s feature of video chat has not been included in the updates. SamFirmware suggests that Samsung has currently stopped working on Firmware updates for the T-Mobile Vibrant. This isn’t a new story as 3rd party sources are always looking for upcoming software but obviously this is a big disappointment for Samsung. These two updated firmwares are available on SamFirmware’s website. Check out the videos below for a video review on both devices.

Photo Courtesy of louis
Photo Courtesy of liewcf