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Sandisk Ultra Solid State Drive (SSD)

To store persistent data in your computers, SanDisk is back by unveiling the new Solid State Drive (SSD). This new SSD (dubbed, Ultra) can increase performance of your system by consuming less power of the computer. It will definitely increase battery life of a laptop as it consumes less power.

Different from ordinary hard Disk Drives (HDD) which consumes high power and are electromagnetic devices, it retains data in nonvolatile memory chips. As it has no moving parts like HDD where Data is stored in Spinning Disks, there is a smaller chance of damaging it. In HDDs there is more risk in damage to the drive, but only in portable gadgets like laptops and notebooks. Desktop computers, which remain stationary most of the time, are nearly invulnerable to the damage.

In SSDs, there are no moving parts and the data is stored through Non volatile memory chips. So the chance of losing data and getting damaged is less than HDDs. The data transfer rate is also very good in SDDs, with this Samsung SSD performing at almost 280 MBPS for sequential read and write and can increase up to 3 GBPS in random, which clearly surpasses other technologies in the current era.

The new Sandisk SSD is available in 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacities, and the cost is $129.99, $219.99 and $449.99, respectively. Watch the video below to learn about how to install SSDs into laptop computers.

Photo Courtesy of viZZZual.com
Photo Courtesy of matsuyuki