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Ustream Launches iPad App, Bringing Video To Happy Eyes

A new application known as Ustream has just come out for the iPad. It allows iPad users to directly watch and stream videos online.

The company previously launched the Android version just 2 weeks ago known as Honeycomb. It also allowed streaming videos directly from tablets. But Ustream now seems to be a better option for iPad users. In addition to watching streaming videos online on the iPad, using the Ustream, users can now record their own videos and upload them directly from their iPads.

The most amazing feature of this application is the AirPlay support. This features allows users to stream online videos on iPad and then watch them on your large screen LCD or TV screen.

People can now share their thoughts from their couches by recording their videos using Ustream and then uploading them so that it can be viewed by all the users out there.

This seems to be a pretty impressive application because now people can interact to their social circle more easily. Instead of typing their recent experiences, which took a lot of time, now people can just record their video explaining their everyday experiences and share them with friends using Ustream.

Photo Courtesy of taka
Photo Courtesy of dh