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Apple Launching Ultra-Thin MacBook

Just after launching MacBook Air recently, now Apple is working towards an Ultra-thin MacBook with a 15 inch of display. The new ultra-thin MacBook is undergoing some final stages of testing and might be launched soon.

Apple made the slim Mac Mini by removing the DVD drive from them. It seems Apple will be removing DVD drives from MacBook Pros as well. Which would produce an ultra-slim MacBook of the future.

Earlier, the Apple got rid of the Floppy Drives and now they are entirely getting rid of the DVD drives. The recent OS X Lion launched by Apple is the first Operating System to be released without a DVD or any physical storage drive. Although one might get OS X Lion in a USB drive in the near future.

The MacBook users won’t be needing so much storage drive after the recent release of iCloud service. The users can store and acces their data any time from the cloud.

The name of the new MacBook is still a mystery. No one knows if it will be called the MacBook Air or will it replace the MacBook Pro. There is no prediction of price as well.

Photo Courtesy of Dan
Photo Courtesy of Rich