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Bracketron Releasing Dual USB Charger

Travelling has become very popular now a days. And now that people are dependant on so many devices like cell phones, iPads and other devices that need to be charged time to time, it has become a common problem for people to travel and keep their devices charged while driving.

But Bracketron has solved this problem. Bracketron is launching a Dual USB charger which you can slip in your DC adapter and charge any device that requires a USB port. The charger is very small and has 2 USB ports on the front.

The Dual Charger has both low voltage and high voltage ports. One gives an output of 1 ampere and the other gives an output of 2.1 amperes which can charge your iPads. Using this low profile charger, you can charge your iPhone, iPad or cell phone at the same time.

This charger supports charging for iPad, MP3 players, iPhone/iPod, satellite radios, smartphones and GPS devices. The price of this charger is $24.95 and you can purchase it from Bracketron.com and will be available in electronic stores soon.

Mark Mandel, Executive Vice President of Bracketron said, “The Dual USB Charger is ideal for anyone who needs to power up while on the go. It charges two devices in your vehicle at the fastest possible speeds, ensuring that you can stay connected to friends, family and colleagues on the road.”

Photo Courtesy of Xan
Photo Courtesy of SwiftPage3