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Canon’s X Mark I Mouse

Looks like the imaging giant Canon has now jumped into the PC industry. After all, the PC industry is a rich platform to invest in. That is why Canon has recently released a mouse for desktops and notebooks. It’s a three-in-one device, featuring a calculator, a complete numeric pad and a laser pointing mouse.

Wait a second, before you might think that this mouse is going to be a brick’s size, think again. It is actually a pretty cool device and its size is almost the same as an average desktop mouse. Moreover it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. The mouse features a 1200 dpi laser for cursor control, a 10 digit display and 23 buttons including a backspace key as well.

The mouse can be powered either entirely by sunlight or with batteries. It weighs a mere 2.93 oz without batteries and 3.74 oz with batteries, if you don’t want to rely entirely on sunlight. It is a perfect device for users who do calculating work off and on and don’t want a calculator on their PC table, and also for those lacking numeric pad on their notebooks.

It comes in two colors, black and white and is available now. So if you are looking for a way to get rid of an extra calculator just go for it. With providing you the basic functionality of a calculator it will also add some charm to your PC table.

Photo Courtesy of Gizmodo
Photo Courtesy of trend