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Dropbox Moving To A Bigger Office

Dropbox is an application which allows users to share and sync files, data, videos and lots of stuff with other dropbox users through your computer, phones and other devices. The company is growing very fast and now they are about to hire hundreds of people.

Dropbox company had decided to move their current office which is only 11,000 sq. ft. to a new office situated in San Francisco Market Street across the town to 185 Berry Street in China Basin which is around 85,000 sq. ft.. This is just down the street from AT&T park. The movement is planned next year.

The company is generating a huge amount of revenue and is growing very rapidly. The company might increase it’s employees from 65 to around 400. The people of San Francisco are very excited about this movement because jobs would be created.

Edwin M. Lee, the Mayor of San Francisco said, “While the state and the nation are focused on jobs and the economy, San Francisco’s economy rumbles forward – adding new jobs thanks to the growth of firms like Dropbox. I want to congratulate Dropbox on their new San Francisco headquarters.”

I am myself a user of dropbox and am very excited to hear about the growth of the company. This software has made so many things easy for me. Now I dont have to worry about attaching a huge document in an email. Dropbox offers me a free 2GB storage and I can drag and drop my files in the folder and the user on the other end can just copy/paste it from there even if my computer is powered off.

In addition to this storage, every time I refer dropbox to someone, I get 250 MB of extra space. The user can only see the folder which I have specified for him/her. So there is no security issues or what so ever. Although dropbox has to save the data on it’s server so that the other user can access these files even if my computer is turned off.

Photo Courtesy of Christopher
Photo Courtesy of Claus
Photo Courtesy of Patrick