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Easy Programming With Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch

Good news for Programmers. Microsoft has launched Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwtich for Subscribers of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). The main advantage of Visual Studio is to make programming much easy.

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch allows developers to make business and desktop applications even if they are not so familiar with the programming language. Users can publish their applications to the Windows Azure directly through LightSwitch Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The key feature of LightSwitch is that it uses built-in templates. The features that users use more frequently while developing an application are put in templates so that developers don’t need to write all the code every time they start building an application. They only need to introduce the new code necessary for the application.

In addition, users can build forms or database management applications by using the existing templates. You only need to define the data source and the rest of the work is taken care of by LightSwitch.

Somasegar, Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division said, “Within minutes you can have a basic business application created and ready to deploy, leveraging disparate data sources and Office tools. While developing your application, you can modify the application as it runs.”

Photo Courtesy of Blue
Photo Courtesy of Vision