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eBay Gets Aggressive With Social Strategy

Looks like eBay is head to toes in their new e-commerce project, X.Commerce. That’s why eBay has now procured the two leading platforms in the e-commerce industry, Magento and GSI Commerce.

Paypal which is now a subsidiary of eBay, earlier this year merged their programming interface and developers with that of eBay for a joint venture, X.Commerce. X Commerce is a cloud based toolkit that allows businesses to innovate the e-commerce industry.

Now, after eBay’s acquisition of Magneto and GSI Commerce, there are now four big platforms working on this huge project which is backed by about 200,000 developers of eBay and PayPal collectively and about 450,000 developers of Magento. eBay also announced that it would be joining hands with some other platforms whose details will be announced at X.commerce Innovate 2011 conference. Today, eBay has revealed another partnership with Kenshoo.

Keshoo is based on Sequoia which provides reliable networking solutions. Kenshoo’s developers will help in creating a platform which will help consumers promote their storefront. Moreover Adobe’s Omniture platform will also be available to X.Commerce developers to access deep analytics.

PayPal’s Director of Communications Anuj Nayar stated that partnerships with Adobe and Kenshoo are just a small part of the huge project and that more details will be provided on X.Commerce conference which is being held on October 12th and 13th.

eBay’s idea of creating a general platform where people from e-commerce industry can find interactive solutions to their problems depicts eBay’s concerns regarding the domination of e-commerce industry. Apart from the business prospective, this is entirely an innovative idea which will help a lot in promoting the e-commerce industry.

Photo Courtesy of fsse
Photo Courtesy of jean