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Galaxy S2 Gets A QWERTY Keyboard

The Samsung Galaxy S2, powered by Android, is already making news in Asia and Europe as the best Android Smartphone yet. However, US users have yet to experience the epic of this handset. This cool smartphone is expected to arrive in the US in late July or August as the news suggests.

Also, different carriers will have this smartphone released under different names. The Sprint variant will be called the Samsung Within, on AT&T the Attain, and on Verizon, the Function. Looks like AT&T’s version is making a huge change in the handset’s design which is simply cool. Yes, it’s true. AT&T will be releasing the Attain with a QWERTY keyboard.

Currently referred to as the world’s second thinnest smartphone, the Attain might lose this title as the keyboard adds to its bulk. Nevertheless it is totally acceptable for a power user. It’ll be featuring Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The keyboard addition, in my opinion is totally cool as it makes the typing a lot easier. It’s an amazing pick for those who don’t consider on-screen keyboards best for typing and want a keyboard with their touch smartphone.

As the US market is hoping to see this phone in late July or August, the handset is already topping sales in Asia and Europe. Samsung has announced that they have sold a huge, 3 million Galaxy S2 handsets in just 55 days making it Samsung’s most successful Android phone launch yet. So if you are going to buy a handset soon, keep this QWERTY toy under consideration. See the video to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of jules
Photo Courtesy of sjoe