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Intel’s Future With Andy Bryant As Chairman

Computer processor giant, Intel, has just appointed its new vice chairman, Andy Bryant to man the company’s board, with Bryant expected to take over as chairman by next May.

Andy Bryant has been an executive for Intel for the past few decades but has recently looked over the company’s tech and manufacturing sector. Bryant is expected to learn the ropes from the current chairman, Jane Shaw, who is expected to retire next year.

As with any transition in executive management, it will be interesting to see how the move will affect the company’s performance. I’m not just thinking about sales numbers here, but I’m also wondering how the upcoming product lineup will be affected.

Chairmen have quite a bit of say on the direction of the company, and can choose to sway a company going one way or the other. For example, Intel is currently focused on creating mobile processors to gain a stronger foothold in the gadget industry and take processor-maker ARM for a challenge.

Initiatives like these, make it interesting when we hear about someone who is expected to retire soon. I believe that the best technology is brought upon from change, and will be interested to see how Bryant performs under the current tech climate. Send us a tweet @techmento and let us know what YOU think.

Photo Courtesy of moment
Photo Courtesy of intelphotos