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LulzSec And Anonymous Nominated For Pwnie Awards 2011

Finally, the time has come to reward the infamous hacking organizations. Will it be LulzSec or Anonymous? Both the groups have been nominated for Pwnie Awards 2011. Thus far, they are going nose to nose in the category for the most destructive, extensively publicized or entertaining hack of the year. The fifth Pwnies award ceremony will be taking place next week- it is just like the Oscars for the cyber community.

In the world of hacking, ‘pwn’ stands for control, as in controlling another person’s computer or an entire server. Pwnies is pronounced just like ponies, which is exactly the reason why the winners get a gold-painted Little Pony statue.

The aim of celebrating the Pwnie Awards is “The achievements and failures of security researchers and security community”. 2011 definitely has been the year for hackers, the three months from April to June were said to be one of the worst on record for online security.

There are various categories at the Pwnies awards named as: Epic Ownage, Most Epic FAIL, Lamest Vendor Response and interestingly, Best Song.

The Epic 0wnage Award will go to the hackers responsible for delivering the most damaging, widely publicized, or hilarious hack over the last year.

LulzSec has been nominated for the Epic Ownage category for delivering the most devastating, extensively publicized or entertaining hack of the year. LulzSec breached Sony Pictures, the CIA and the FBI databases while Anonymous hacked HBGary Fedral.

The Pwnies will take place in Las Vegas on August 3. However if either Anonymous or LulzSec wins, none of its members will making the acceptance speech since both groups are wanted by the police.

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