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Major Security Issue In OS X Lion & Snow Leopard

According to eweek, security researchers have managed to grab passwords saved on the Mac while it is sleeping through the means of a FireWire device.

The information can easily be stolen from a locked Mac, or one that has FireVault disk encryption turned on. Considering that one could spend a thousand dollars for Passware Kit Forensic V11, it is quite scary to know that public Macs could be in jeopardy of stolen login information.

Fortunately, there is one solution to keep your personal information safe, and that is simply to turn off the computer rather than putting it to sleep. While Apple will probably work on a patch soon for this major vulnerability, this could pose a serious risk for iPhones and iPads if left untreated.

And for those who always brag about the security of OS X, you may want to hold off on all the praise- it seems like hacking Apple computers is becoming more popular today, especially Apple’s fan base continues to steadily rise.

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Photo Courtesy of halil
Photo Courtesy of ben