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Polar Rose Launching Face Detection For iOS 5

Polar Rose is a company that develops applications for Apple. It has just launched a powerful face recognition application for iOS 5. Polar Rose is a Swedish company which works on facial recognition technology.

In the recent launch of Apple’s OS X Lion, the company introduced Photo Booth software with some some very creative effects of facial recognition and features in which you could add flying birds or circling hearts around you head. Apple won’t be adding these features in the upcoming iPhone, rather it will be using Polar Rose’s facial recognition technology.

Polar Rose recently launched a very impressive application known as Recognizr. The Recognizr is a very powerful application and detects a face very fast. It additionally shows all the accounts linked to that person like facebook, linked in, myspace, etc. So a person can choose a social account to link with the person.

This feature eliminates the hassle of adding a person to your social network by going to a social website and typing in the person’s name you just met. Instead, you only need to face the camera towards him/her and add the person instantly to your list of friends.

Some people might find this technology a threat to their privacy, and would not want everyone to access their accounts so easily. But others can only see your accounts only if you have entered your personal information in the application.

Photo Courtesy of Next Web
Photo Courtesy of Brian