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Android Gingerbread Update Coming To G2

For those of us T-Mobile G2 users who felt a little left in the dust when the G2X came out, and later- when we found out the G2 was discontinued, you may have something to cheer for. Assuming you’ve steered away from rooting your device, you will soon get to enjoy Android’s latest Gingerbread OS on your phone.

The new operating system will be a nice blast of ‘newness’ for those of us who’ve gotten a bit tired of Froyo features. The update will roll out to all G2 users within the next quarter.

The update also fixes problems with Wifi calling, SMS and e-mail notifications, and MMS sent from the gallery. Everyone should be successfully updated by September 1st.

Moving from the technical advancements, users will enjoy the Tell HTC app, Google Books, a black notification bar, a new battery indicator, phone, and web icons. It also has a color-coded network icon and signal indicator added.

The update should be a nice blast of fresh air for Froyo users, and something to play with while our contracts run out, before we look to purchase our next Android phones- Ice Cream sandwich devices, which we should see in widescale production in 2012.

Photo Courtesy of kuching
Photo Courtesy of kuching