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Survey Finds Americans Addicted To Youtube

Broadband and other facilities such as better mobile networks and devices have caused a huge impact on the citizens of many countries.

The recent survey showed that US citizens are more addicted to videos sites such as Youtube. About 28 percent of online users pay a visit to video sharing sites daily and over 71 percent of online american users, use websites related to video sharing.

People use these video sharing sites for many purposes, but one common theme among all users is an appreciation for good video. Whether you are tuned in to learn a basic algebra tutorial, brush up on your Photoshop knowledge, or just want to see the latest car crash, Youtube is the place to go.

According to Youtube staff, people are posting 48 hours of video each minute. The number of hits Youtube receives each day has crossed a limit of 3 billion. Though the increase of social websites may cause people to pass much time there, video sharing will be at its peak because all the social websites allow us to share videos.

In conclusion, while we recommend having a ‘healthy’ Youtube allotment, we want you to remember that you are not alone in your craving for the coolest videos on web.

Photo Courtesy of jonsson
Photo Courtesy of Wayan Vota