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Diagnose Early, Cure Faster- New Research From Georgia Tech

Bio-medicine is one of the most complex and the most progressive fields of this era. The latest research and technology has given us infinite paths to a healthier and a happier life.

Techniques to diagnose, and in most cases cure, almost every disease known to man to date, have been developed and are being furnished every single day. Bacterial infections were the least of our worries with the arrival of antibiotics and now the research center at Georgia Tech is taking it one step further.

The scientists are the most talented minds in the field of bio-medicine and have developed an agent that can detect bacteria even before they can cause an infection. The contrast agent has the ability to put the infected area in the spotlight by targeting the microorganisms.

The agents have an uncanny ability to sneak into the microbes as their food and hence make the bacteria prominent for a precise image and will help the diagnosticians in determining the nature of the microbe.

This new technology/research will make the diagnosis of an infection much easier, resulting in a better cure. “These contrast agents fill the need for probes that can accurately image small numbers of bacteria in vivo and distinguish infections from other pathologies like cancer,” said Niren Murthy, a professor at Georgia tech. This is a huge leap in the field of medicine and we all know our smart phones will catch up on it very soon. Even Gregory House will be pleased by this progress.

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Photo Courtesy of golbenge