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Frozen Synapse Update Gives Gamers Mini-Tournaments

Frozen Synapse developer, Mode 7 has just released a clean version of the game after its first official patch. The patch includes a number of tweaks in addition to some awesome new features.

Before I continue on, for those who are unfamiliar, Frozen Synapse is a PC and Mac turn-based strategy game, that allows you to command your squad members to carry out actions for you- kinda similar to Mass Effect 3, or a traditional game of chess.

A synapse, of course, is the junction between two neurons, and is vital for your brains chemicals to successfully ‘move around’, let’s say.

Anyways, one of the new features of this game is tournament mode, which allows competition between larger groups rather than simplistic one-on-one play. Now, keep in mind, this is still two-player gaming for individual matches, but with the new tournament structure rolled out, larger groups can dive in for a mini-championship.

You can grab the full list of changes from the new patch here, and you can officially download the game from the Steam platform directly to your PC next week.

Send us a tweet @techmento and let us know what you think of the patch, and if you’ll be downloading the new version to your PC? Check out the video below to get a scoop on the gameplay.

Photo Courtesy of gamecity
Photo Courtesy of lasse