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Google Chrome Updates For Mac’s Lion

Google has recently updated its Chrome browser to work better with Apple’s new operating system, OS X Lion. The new version adds support for Lion’s two-fingered page-swiping feature, for those interested.

The version is dubbed 14.0.835.0 in the Chrome’s developer channel for the Mac. Something that is a little strange, is that the new version does not support Lion’s full-screen mode, which may perplex a number of individuals.

Although, the programmers claim the lacked feature is to reduce the number of bugs. The developers plan on integrating the full-screen feature later on.

What has changed are Chrome’s scrollbars, conforming to Apple’s theme, and also disappear when the user has not ‘moused over’ them. That’s all for now guys, the tweaks and changes are pretty basic, hinting that we’ll probably see a lot more to come in later versions.

But, to those who dislike using Safari or Firefox, give this browser a shot and let us know what you think. You can send us a tweet @techmento or write to us on facebook.com/techmento- we always love hearing your guys’ input!

Photo Courtesy of steve
Photo Courtesy of fsse