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Buying OS X Lion With PayPal, That Will Be $3880

It seems like something fishy is happening in PayPal, at least when it comes to people buying Apple’s new operating system OS X Lion, through the platform. According to Apple’s support forums, one person claims that they were overcharged nearly $4,000 on July 28th.

The bill showed up as 122 charges of $31.79 a pop. Apple claims it is PayPal’s fault, and PayPal is saying just the opposite, both are investigating, but in the meantime, the victim claims to be ‘stuck broke’.

Another poster claims to have been billed nearly $600 for 20 individual licenses of Lion, and only PayPal users who have their accounts linked to the iTunes store seem affected thus far.

While the ping pong ball continues to be tossed back and forth by the two major companies, overcharging is apparently a “known issue” at Apple, and may perhaps indeed be Apple’s fault.

Unfortunately, it gets worse for some consumers, who are also experiencing overdraft fees from their banks, due to the resulting mishap, and PayPal is refusing to credit the money directly into the banks, and instead issuing any refunds to PayPal accounts first (when it takes 3-5 days to make a transfer from PayPal to one’s bank account). As a PC user myself, I would have to recommend to just buy a hard-copy of the operating system and save yourself the potential hassle.

Photo Courtesy of basb
Photo Courtesy of mistercam