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Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery For Your New Laptop?

A pair of Stanford graduate students, Yi Cui and Yuan Yang research materials science on a regular basis, and have discovered something rather interesting, that is, they developed a transparent packaging for the battery.

How they did this was quite interesting, they reduced the size of the battery electrodes so small that they were invisible to the human eye.

Furthermore, the duo chose to use a structure of meshed electrodes, rather than using thin films. For flexibility, the researchers turned to a clear substance that is often used for contact lenses.

The drawback? Their transparent lithium ion battery is only half as powerful as a standard battery of the same size. Although these researchers weren’t the first to come up with a transparent battery, it’s always welcoming when scientists work on a similar project.

Of course, the end-goal would be to create a transparent battery that is equally powerful as the current Li-ion batteries we have on the market. Doing so would not only make laptops and phones reach new heights in slim design, but would also greatly reduce the amount of pollution that humans produce on planet Earth.

Take a peak at the video to learn more about the process and how it works, then send us tweet @techmento and let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of gmag
Photo Courtesy of gmag