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Apple Breaks Ties With Foxconn For iPad 3

Did you know that your favorite iPhone and iPad devices were all manufactured in China? For those of you who knew it, they won’t be produced any more in China. Foxconn was the company responsible for producing the majority of the i-devices. But it looks like Foxconn is out of play now.

Reports suggest that Apple has cancelled the iPad 3 manufacturing contract with Foxconn and is most probably opting for a Taiwanese company, Pegatron. Recently, Pegatron stated that they had received a contract for manufacturing 15 million iPhone units.

According to Taiwan Economic News, Foxconn was outbid by Pegatron, hence losing the contract for iPad 3 manufacturing. Apple made a wise choice to pull their leg out before suffering any kind of loss as Foxconn was facing a number of problems like suicides at one of their chinese factories and an explosion at the factory where they manufactured iPad 2, killing two and injuring 16.

We can’t suggest what Apple is up to as Apple is reported to have broken off ties with Samsung (who used to supply the processing chips for Apple’s i-devices). Apple not only ditched Samsung but also joined hands with “Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company” which will now supply chips for iPad 3. Now we have to see if Pegatron can match the standard of Apple as Foxconn did.

Photo Courtesy of bert
Photo Courtesy of marco