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Google Implements Two-Step Authentication Worldwide

In June 2011, many Gmail accounts were compromised by hackers. Passwords of many US officials, political activists and officials in different countries were stolen.

Ever since then, Google had been working on it’s Two Step Authentication method. This method has enhanced the security of Google account holders. This method requires password based authentication along with a verification code which is sent to the user either through voice, call/text or is generated on the user’s smartphone device via a Google app from which one is accessing his/her account.

This verification system, at first, was offered in only the English language without any geographical limits. However, Google has now spread the system of sending verification code via text/voice call to more countries. This would help users in those countries, where most of the people don’t use a smartphone as a primary device for accessing their Google accounts. The product manager for Google security, Nishit Shah said, “Email, social networking and other online accounts still get compromised today, but two-step verification cuts those risks significantly”.

Google has now added support for 40 more languages to send verification codes via this method. When the user sets up a certain device for receiving verification code, Google issues 10 different codes all of which are useful and can be used alternatively. This means if you don’t have access to your device which you used for receiving codes, you can use the alternate codes to Log in To your Google account.

This is indeed a marvelous step taken by Google and Google accounts are now more secure than ever.

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