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New Help Section: What’s New In Google+

Google is earnest to gain its lost spot among the social networking buzz by enhancing Google+. Also Google is adding many cool features to Google+. Recently Google bought Fridge for enhancing Google+ circles.

But this time Google+ has done an interesting thing. In the help section, Google+ has added a new section which gives a glimpse about the new features which Google is currently adding to the network. This new help section is named “What’s New In Google+”. There are blog-like posts in this section related to the new features either by Google employees or some Youtube videos which explain the new features.

This is certainly a cool idea to create awareness about Google+ and it also helps those users who, at first feel a little confused about using its features. It’s interesting to note that instead of making another individual blog for the purpose, Google has made it a website section.

But this site lacks both RSS feeds and commenting features which is a big hindrance in the way of receiving feedback from users. While some of the posts may link back to Google listings, where you can give feedback by commenting, not all do. Also, because of the lack of RSS feeds, it is impossible for a reader to add this site to one’s news reader. However, Google has made a good effort besides the lack of some good features and it’s really gonna help users.
Photo Courtesy of halil
Photo Courtesy of halil