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LulzSec Frames Innocent Man As Leader Of Anon

There is yet another twist in the apprehended member of LulzSec story. The ‘real’ hacker actually managed to dupe police to take the wrong guy into custody.

The actual hacker turned out to be as sharp as you would expect a hacker from LulzSec to be. The evidence too, indicates that the LulzSec hacker tricked the police to grab an innocent guy who had nothing to do with the hacking.

Yesterday, Scotland Yard claimed to have arrested Topiary, a leader of the hacktivist group LulzSec. The teenager was taken into custody in the Shetland Islands, located between Scotland and Norway.

The guy that the Scotland Yard was supposed to arrest is Daniel Ackerman Sandberg, a 23 year-old from Sweden. Daniel’s identity was revealed by anti-LulzSec hacker ‘The Jesser’ on their website LulzSecExposed.com.

Thus far, the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) has not come back with a reply to the accusations of arresting a wrong random chap. According to a reporter, this is not the first time police are duped. Back in June the Federal Bureau of Investigation picked up another LulzSec member named Robert Cavenaugh, who later was found innocent.

With more passing time, it is becoming quite difficult to point out who is a part of the LulzSec or Anonymous. It appears like there is no way this whole cat and mouse imitation is going to end any sooner. The LulzSec and Anonymous seems far away from rising up a white flag…
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Photo Courtesy of anon
Photo Courtesy of anon