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Nintendo Takes 40% Off 3DS Price Tag

Nintendo is already going down the success slope because of poor sales of its recently released 3D gaming console, Nintendo 3DS. This has put Nintendo in some serious trouble. In order to manage the company so that it doesn’t become bankrupt, Nintendo is forced to cut the price of its gaming console in two of the major regions of its availability.

Nintendo 3DS was initially sold for 25000 yen in Japan and for $249-99 in US. It seems that in order to cover the manufacturing costs, Nintendo has reduced the price of their console by as much as 40%. The same console which was sold for 25000 yen would now be available for 15000 yen in Japan and for approximately $150 in US.

Those customers who bought the console earlier would be lamenting their decision. Nintendo is aware of this fact so they are offering a number of games for free to the customers who bought the consoles earlier under their Nintendo Ambassador Program. This is the biggest price cut Nintendo has ever made, shortly after the release of a new console.

Currently, it is unknown if Nintendo would extend this price cut to other worldwide markets as well. Because of the poor sales of the device, Nintendo lost about 325 million US dollars in the last quarter of 2011.

So here arises the question, Will Nintendo 3DS ever top its own DS series, let alone the console market? The answer isn’t quite in favor of Nintendo 3DS as we know it all from the poor sales. Nintendo will be happier than ever even if they could only cover the manufacturing costs.

Photo Courtesy of animaster
Photo Courtesy of minhi