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Panasonic Reveals The World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

Everybody is so into 3D nowadays. Watching 3D movies, Playing 3D games, this is the new hype, and whether you’re on board or not with the 3D revolution, it’s still here.

For 3D viewing purposes, either 3D glasses or a LED TV with 3D capable LED display is used. Although 3D glasses are not a new thing, folks have been looking to see something extremely lightweight so that the user doesn’t feel like he is wearing glasses. So here comes Panasonic with its TY-EW3D series.

Panasonic claims that these glasses are the lightest 3D glasses in the market. Looks like Panasonic has made them from anti-matter. That’s why they are so light weight. Well, we don’t doubt Panasonic’s claim as the small and medium sized TY-EW3D series glasses weigh only 26 grams. But the large version is considered to be a little heavy because of its 27 grams of weight.

Also, these Glasses come with an option of a battery from Panasonic which will give you up to 3 hours of 3D viewing experience only for a charging of 2 minutes and if you care to charge the battery for a full 30 minutes, it’ll allow you to watch constantly 3D action for 25 hours. Simply incredible!

So if you can’t spend a lot of money on a 3D TV, go for these extremely cool pair of glasses.

Photo Courtesy of john
Photo Courtesy of john