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AT&T To Thwart Speeds Of Excessive Data Eaters

AT&T’s unlimited data plan had been very successful, but on the other hand, it also hurt AT&T to some extent. Therefore, on release of the iPhone 4 AT&T canceled its new unlimited data plans but retained it for those who were already using unlimited plan.

Those users had been in pure bliss enjoying unlimited speeds without any contravention. But their experience is going to change on October 1st.

The reason behind AT&T’s decision to cut speeds of those users with the unlimited data plan, is that their plan is not over yet and they are already exceeding the data usage limits.

These users had been consuming at least 12% more bandwidth than an average user, says AT&T. Therefore AT&T has decided to throttle the bandwidth allocated to these remaining users of the unlimited data plan but hasn’t given any clear figure to which limit they are going to cut the bandwidth. But it is expected to be under 256kbps just like T-Mobile did earlier in the year.

The network speeds will be reduced until the start of next billing cycle for these customers. This could result in low speeds for all the AT&T users. Luckily this won’t happen. According to AT&T, this speed throttle would affect only those users who exceeded their data usage limits and it won’t have any affect on other unlimited and average users.

Photo Courtesy of mrv
Photo Courtesy of steve