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Facebook Offering Bounty For Every Bug Found

Looks like Facebook is too tired of bugs which strike the social networking site often. Recently Facebook eliminated a bug with video privacy settings after it lasted for the whole week.

Obviously, Facebook doesn’t want to lose their current top spot among social networking websites so the company is keen to keep the website fully functional to avoid any angry users. Therefore, Facebook has offered a bounty for whoever finds a bug and reports it to Facebook.

The company is looking for some grey hat hackers. These are not actually hackers but their work is very similar to hackers. They find a vulnerability in a software and instead of exploiting it, informs the developer about it.

Facebook has announced a bounty of $500 for anyone who finds a bug. Although, only an expert IT technician can do this sort of work but sometimes users also may hit upon something strange, as well.

For example if you are trying to access your photos and Facebook is redirecting you to your wall, this might be a work of some bug which may affect all the users.

So you would need to tell Facebook about the bug, they’ll check if there is actually a problem, and if there is a problem you will be awarded $500. However, $500 isn’t a fixed amount and may change depending the type of bug found.

Photo Courtesy of laughing
Photo Courtesy of franco