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Google Buys IBM Patents

Suing rival tech companies has now become child’s play for big IT companies. Consequently every company is trying to decorate its portfolio with as many patents as it can by buying patents from different companies.

Google, which had recently been sued by Oracle for Java patent infringement in development of Android has also decided to take some precautionary measures. Google has recently bought Patents from IT company IBM as a protective measure against future litigations. Google has bought around 1000 patents through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

These patents include exclusive rights for the manufacturing and construction of memory and microprocessor chips, architecture of online search engines/routers/servers, and other linked technologies. Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker earlier this week stated that patent infringement cases are a mess and to deal with it, Google will buy as many patents as it can to protect itself against future litigations.

To further advance this process, Google is reported to have started negotiations with InterDigital(a patent collector company) to but the company along with its patents. Google’s other rivals Apple, RIM and Microsoft this week outbid Google by buying a collective of around 6000 patents for 4.5 million dollars from Nortel.

Google’s acquisition of IBM patents doesn’t quite seem to benefit Google at the moment but in the long run, it may save Google from a large number of patent litigations.

Photo Courtesy of umb
Photo Courtesy of gibson