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Live ESPN Action On Your Xbox LIVE!

ESPN is now taking game streaming to a new level on your Xbox LIVE. Microsoft signed a deal with ESPN to bring ESPN to the Xbox LIVE. The joint venture now brings the excitement of stadium sports to your room in HD quality.

You get a total of 3500 live sporting actions in HD. It’s not the sports-on-demand that you can watch but also check live scores for other games at the same time. You can access the Xbox LIVE community and can share your views with others.

The services will also include watching two streams at the same time in HD 720p quality. You can pause the videos separately or rewind them. Those who have the Xbox console with Kinect can control the whole thing with gestures.

The two streams have benefits such as watching two games at the same time or watching the same game on both streams and rewinding the one to see an action you missed on the live streaming one.

There is also a guide located at the bottom of the screen which guides you about the other games thus making it easy to watch them. The best part is the service is free for Gold Members.
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