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A $30 Alternative To An iPod

These days, one can find a number of ways to enjoy his music. He can listen on his trendy new iPod nano or stream from his smartphone, for example. Even though iPod nano’s are a bit costly for what you get, there might be a solution to your woes. How would you like a device which is of iPod nano’s size but it is a music player, an e-reader and a watch, all-in-one?

This cool watch-o-music player is called Timesnap. The gadget can be tied on your wrist. It’s basic feature is playing MP3 and MP4 music. The Timesnap has a large storage of 4GB which can be extended by an SD memory card up to 8GB. And to your amazement, it is also an e-reader (you might need a magnifying lens to read from such a tiny display). And of course, it’s also a watch.

Moreover, it can also be used as a USB device. It has a standard 3mm jack for hooking up headphones. The built-in radio also comes in handy. A rechargeable battery provides juice to the device, although I am doubtful how long the battery would be able to run it with so many features.

So you have a watch, a music player and a e-book reader which you can carry with you all the time on your wrist. If you are willing to give it a try, you can order it online for $36.51.

Photo Courtesy of geeky
Photo Courtesy of carnoodles