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Survey Depicts Popularity Of iPhone 5

So far, Apple has not given any clue regarding the release of its new iPhone 5 except what we have from anonymous resources. Even at the Worldwide Developers Conference held in June, Apple remained silent regarding the rumors about the new device.

However, this new iPhone is widely anticipated by the US as well as international consumers. A survey was conducted by PriceGrabbar recently, which showed people’s interest in the new i-device. According to a CNET report, 35% of US consumers are willing to buy the new iPhone after its release. The study in which about 2852 people participated, was conducted in early July.

The study also predicted that 51% of US consumers are willing to buy it during the first year of product launch. This survey clearly depicted the popularity of the iPhone in the American consumer market.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the device’s release with some stating that Apple would release the iPhone 5 in September while some suggest that an upgraded version of iPhone 4 might hit the markets in September instead of iPhone 5.

According to the survey, mostly people are expecting enhanced battery life in iPhone 5. About 46% of the participants asked for 4G capabilities in the new device while 55% asked for a low priced iPhone 5. We can only hope that Apple gives out something quickly regarding the device’s release.

Photo Courtesy of charlie
Photo Courtesy of adam