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First 3D-Printed Plane Goes Through Test Flight!

The world’s first 3D printed plane made it to the skies. It is called Eosint P730 and is made by nylon laser sintering using a 3D-objects printer made up by students of the Southampton University. It basically is an unmanned aerospace vehicle (UAV).

The Eosint is a duplicate of the SULSA -the distinctive aircraft was used during the World War 2, which made it the number one contender for the Eosint to take form.

The reason it is duped from an old and outdated aircraft is that the Southampton nerds were interested in an UAV. SULSA is a lightweight aircraft that’s made for low flights. If the SULSA had to be handmade, it would take months of effort but with the advantages of 3D printing, the time span was reduced from a few months to a few days.

Various parties have shown interest in the printed product including military personnel. Perhaps the time is not so far when we start fighting with 3D armaments.
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Photo Courtesy of mrdav