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Announce Your Unborn Child On Facebook

Facebook improved the ‘Friends and Family’ options by adding a new feature to those who expect a child. The new option in the profile allows an expectant mother to add their expected baby to the family circle.

The parents can even choose a name for the unborn baby. The due date can also be added along with the name under the “Friends and Family” tab. However it doesn’t require a new profile to be created for the child.

After the feature was added and made available, a glitch emerged in the programming and it let Facebook users add their friends as upcoming children. However, the person listed as the expected child would also add the notification. The glitch has been taken care of.

Facebook probably added this feature to reduce Facebook pages being created for babies since Facebook’s policy requires a minimum age of 13 to create a page. Since December 2011, Facebook has been improving the features related to friends and family, Facebook added option for “domestic partnership” and “civil unions” a few months later.

Family members on Facebook appear directly under the profile picture, along with other groups created to show specific relationships. The opponents of the new feature are swift to mention the aloof nature of the announcement within a Facebook news feed but there is always an option to keep your profile private or share with selected people.

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