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Gmail Updated Version For Android

Google has released the latest version 2.3.5 of Gmail for Android phones. The previous application just redirected your mails from Gmail to your Android phones. But this new version has some marvellous updates.

One of the best features of this new version is the selection of specific labels. You can label a specific sender which will allow you to get a notification only when that labelled user has sent you a mail. In short, you won’t be bothered by getting a notification every time you receive an email on Gmail.

If you have subscribed for emails on numerous applications and groups, you can select not to redirect those emails on your application. You can view such emails after getting back from work and logging in the computer at your home.

These are pretty amazing features as less space would be occupied on your phone. And you also won’t have to worry about quickly viewing the mail and deleting them to save Phone Memory

Some improvements have also been added to this application like the “Show Picture” button which allows you to view the pictures sent in a mail by the sender.

You can purchase this application any time from the Android Market. This application is reported to have some compatibility issues with the third party applications such as unread mail.count widgets. So if you intend to upgrade it via 3rd party application, do so at your own risk.

Photo Courtesy of Android Market
Photo Courtesy of Chris