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Car Security System By Intel

Now a days car theft is everyone’s problem. When people come back from work or home to their parked cars, they find their car hit by something or damaged. In some cases they don’t even find their car at all.

Intel has heard the cries of such victims. Intel has come up with a Car Security System which involves an application which notifies the driver of the car if something has hit the car with sufficient force, or even if someone is trying to steal the car.

The system developed by Intel involves installing a custom circuit board with Atom mobile processors. This board is interfaced with the electronics of the car and and the car is connected to a cloud server over a mobile network.

The researchers at Intel have also developed application for Android and Apple phone users to connect with the System installed in their cars. The application accesses data from the car and displays it on the driver’s phone.

This application allows users to open car door, start a car and other basic functions. It also transfers the streaming video of the car from the cloud, whenever the security system is triggered. The driver can view this video at the time of impact or even store it for later.

The application is in testing stage and all the tests conducted have returned a positive result. Now Intel is working on complete tracking so that the driving statistics and behaviour can be viewed by the insurance companies and local authorities.

Victor Lortz, a senior research scientist at chipmaker Intel’s research labs in Santa Clara said, “The idea of being notified when something happens to your car has a lot of appeal. It’s something that’s just not possible today.”

So, now when your mobile buzzes, it might not be another email, message or call. Rather, it could be an update about your car’s situation.

Photo Courtesy of Martin
Photo Courtesy of Unbridled
Photo Courtesy of Josh