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PayPal Gives 1,000 Anonymous IPs To FBI

PayPal was attacked last year by an Anonymous Group of hackers after PayPal froze the account of Wikileaks. After such long period, PayPal has finally decided to take action against the hacking attempt.

The hackers left behind sufficient data to be traced. PayPal has given FBI a list of 1,000 IP addresses. PayPal has declared that these IP addresses were linked to the hacking which occurred last year.

Nobody knows how useful the IP addresses, for tracking the hackers might be. As the attack was (DDoS) Distributed Denial of Service, which can be caused by a computer having Trojan. The user of the computer might not have the knowledge of these Trojans. This type of systems are called Zombie systems. So, the IP addresses might be worthless.

Now lets suppose that some hacker did it on purpose. Now, the first step for hackers is to mask their IP addresses so they don’t get caught or traced. So the IP addresses that PayPal has given to the FBI might be faked or dummy IP addresses. For a hacker to not mask his/her IP address would be a clear invitation of getting arrested.

The question still lies, why did PayPal give all the information now? Why after 1 year? One might think that the recent boycott started by Anonymous and LulzSec have forced them to do so. Or is it just an attempt to create fear in the hackers. Who knows.

Photo Courtesy of Black
Photo Courtesy of Jean