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Raspberry Pi Minicomputer In Alpha Production Stage

Raspberry Pi had declared to launch a Minicomputer a couple of months ago. The word is that all the structure, design and PCB layout of the Raspberry Pi minicomputer have been finalized and finally it has stepped into Production Stage.

Raspberry Pi minicomputer is a cheap computer for today’s younger generation. These minicomputers comprise of the kit computers from the early 1980s and ’70s. The basic reason for the production of these minicomputers is to introduce the world of computers, science and programming to the kids.

The key features of these minicomputers include a 700MHz ARM11 processor. These also include OpenGL ES 2.0, 1080p output and 128MB of RAM. The Operating System of these minicomputers is a Linux operating system.

The Pi Minicomputers will be capable of performing basic tasks like checking email, twitter and stuff, which are sufficient to give the kids an idea of what a computer is.

There are two variants of these minicomputers. In addition to the basic model, which has a price of $25, there is another variant with an Ethernet port, extra USB port and 256MB of RAM. The price of this variant is $35 which is also very cheap.

Raspberry Pi minicomputers will be undergoing the Beta testing after the production. When all the bugs are fixed, one can expect these to be available in market soon.

Photo Courtesy of Ubergizmo
Photo Courtesy of Raspberry Pi

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