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Anonymous Strikes Man Tech International!

Anonymous will never give the fight up. This time, their victim is the unfortunate cyber security contractor Man Tech International. The recent attack was aimed to embarrass the FBI. The rising slope of Anonymous’ violence against the FBI shows no negative deviation, regardless of the increasing number of global hacker arrests.

The group claimed that they have breached into a database of a big U.S. cyber security contractor linked to the FBI. On Friday morning, Anonymous kept their word by leaking a heap of classified documents obtained from the security contractor Man Tech International.

The released documents contained 390 MB of data. The data contained some highly confidential documents since the FBI apparently outsourced their cyber security to the contractor in a deal worth $100 million.

Man Tech services multiple federal agencies; the first released data is a bunch of mixed information with minor focus on NATO. The major security and intelligence agencies like the departments of Defense, State, Justice, NSA, U.S. military extensions, Homeland Security as well as NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency are clients of Man Tech.

Man tech yet hasn’t directly responded to Anonymous, however they posted a message on their website: “All organizations attract cyber threats in our highly networked world…[however] ManTech takes seriously recent reports of a cyber threat, and we responsibly and actively address all sources of information about threats to our information and assets and those of our customers.”
Man tech supposedly was working on a project named Metal-Gear which would enable the government authorities to set up fake online personas to spy and manipulate citizens.

Anonymous is showing no signs of backing up, which is evident from their message “we are not scared anymore and your threats to arrest us are meaningless. We will continue to demonstrate how you fail at about every aspect of cybersecurity while burning hundreds of millions of dollars that you do not even have.”
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Photo Courtesy of Anon
Photo Courtesy of Kor
Photo Courtesy of kal